• Field Hockey is your ticket to college?
    It is said that field hockey sends more athletes to college with scholarships proportionately than any other sport.

  • At the 2012 London Olympic Games, field hockey was the third most spectated sport.

  • Men’s field hockey has the fastest swing speed out of any sport, even golf or baseball, at 103 mph.

  • Field hockey sticks are always right handed?
    This is for safety reasons. It is illegal to play with a left handed stick. A lot of left handed players find the sport difficult.

  • You can score from anywhere on the field.
    Players can only shoot within a 16-yard semi-circle around the goal. If somebody scores from outside the circle without another player or the goalie touching it, the goal will not count.

  • Celebrities Heath Ledger, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Lawrence were avid field hockey players growing up.

  • Field hockey is known as simply “hockey” everywhere else in the world.

  • Players travel more than 5 miles during the course of a field hockey match

  • According to the rules of field hockey, how many ways can you hit a ball?
    THREE. The sweep hit is getting down really low to sweep your stick along the ground. The push pass is to push the ball to a teammate (Your stick does not make a sound when you do this). The most common type of hit is the drive, this is like an ice hockey slapshot.

  • What are the referee’s called?
    Umpires.   There are usually two umpires, one for each side of the field. Some games have more than two.

  • Field hockey is the national sport of Holland and Holland’s women’s team won the gold medal at the 2012  Summer Olympic Games.

  • Pennsylvania has the highest number of field hockey players in the U.S.

  • The British Army helped spread field hockey throughout the British Empire, which explains its popularity in India, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand.